What We Do

Simply put we take an already good man, and make him better.  We do this several ways, but the most widely discussed is our ritual work.  We openly describe masonic ritual as a beautiful system of morality, veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols.  Many of these symbols you may already be familiar with:  the letter G, the square and compass, and  the 47th Problem of Euclid.

Hiram Lodge #4 Halloween

Who We Are

Freemasons can be anyone in your community.  U.S. Presidents, Governors, Senators, Military Personnel, Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, I.T. Professionals, Teachers/Administrators, Welders, Diesel Mechanics, Master Distillers, etc..  All and many more are active Freemasons.

Hiram Lodge #4 F&AM Officers

Every lodge consists of both elected and appointed officers.  Each officer is given specific duties related to the day to day operation of a Masonic Lodge. The current Hiram Lodge #4 F&AM appointed and elected officers are below.

Mike Siler

Master – U.S. Army, Husband to Kathy

David Schroerlucke

Senior Warden Husband to Kathy, Proud Dad, Law Enforcement Officer.

Caleb Young

Junior Warden – Pro Gamer, I.T. Nerd.

Adam Harrod

Senior Deacon Veteran, and also happens to always be the best dressed.  

David Thornton

Junior Deacon

David Lewis

Senior Steward

Andrew Baker

Junior Steward – Historian, Shriner, Boy Scout

Bill Canon, P.M.

Secretary Past Master Hiram Lodge #4.  Past District Deputy Grand Master District 20.  32° KCCH Scottish Rite – Valley of Lexington. Patient Zero – Our oldest human on earth

Larry Sowder, P.M.

Treasurer Past Master Hiram Lodge #4.

Chris Crowe, P.M.


Clay Wilson


Jerry Sudduth

Tiler U.S. Army, Vintage Baseball, Open Wheel Racing Enthusiast